Malian War Spreading into Niger:

French Military Moves Further Into Northern Region, Special Forces deployed by Paris to Niger to "secure" uranium mines
As air bombing and fighting continue in Mali refugees are continuing to cross into neighboring countries. In Niger they are followed by French fighter planes firing on them from the sky! Areva is the second largest uranium mining producer in the world. The mines in Niger are critical to its operations globally. The French AREVA, has "owned" an uranium mine in Niger for decades. They pay virtually nothing, and mine via open-air, highly toxic techniques that have irradiated generations of Niger people. This mine powers 70% of the homes in Paris, while the people who work at the mines only have candles at home! And cancer. And now, occupation and deadly drones.

Ansar Dine criminals destroy the most sacred of African cities

The Ansar Dine attackers have sacked the mausoleums of Timbuktu, the ancient graves of the 333 saints include many African philosophers and thinkers who made the civilizations of Mali and Songhay the rivals to the world’s greatest cultures. But what do these Ansar Dine criminals do? They destroy the monuments of the greatest ancestors of African people and claim they are doing it in the name of Allah. But Allah has given them no such command; they must be condemned, captured, and brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.

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Greenpeace Publishes Study Linking French Uranium Mine to Niger Pollution

In one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking last in the Human Development Index of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where more than 40% of children are underweight for their age, water and access to improved water sources is scarce and almost three quarters of the population are illiterate, the French nuclear giant AREVA extracts precious—and deadly—natural resources, earning billions for its Fortune 5002 corporation, and leaving little behind but centuries of environmental pollution and health risks for the citizens of Niger. Currently the French Army is occupying this area of Niger to destroy organizing and efforts against it imperial mine.

View report "Left In The Dust"

Read a good overview/background on the role of France's incredible invasion of Mali, and now Niger. This is the first time in the history of France that the military has been invoked by a single corporation! The U.S. and UK are contributing military resources as well. Stop corporatism and imperialism! Read more.

Mali & Niger in Context It'll blow your mind.

The Crisis in Mali: A Historical Perspective on the Tuareg People

War in Mali: France in Africa – Fifth Republic or Third Empire?
By Dmitry Minin, reprinted by Global Research, February 17, 2013; initial publication by Strategic Culture Foundation 15 February 2013
Paris has a long history of post-imperial assaults on former French West African colonies, for example, Cote D'Ivoire, Libya, Mali, and now, Niger); interventions have increased in scale and have become more frequent. With the recent bankruptcy of France, the French state is looking to steal as much resources and land as it can in its vulnerable former colonies.

In the 1960s metropolitan France concluded agreements with some former colonies making 14 African states stay in the French franc zone established in 1946. It closely tied their economies to France, even after joining the Eurozone later. Besides, according to the agreements in question France has a right to intervene militarily to maintain and restore "internal stability" and "provide for security of Europeans" living in Senegal, the Central African Republic, Chad, Cote D'Ivoire, Gabon and Cameroon. Read more.

The United States military is providing C-17 air transport for the French troops and equipment entering Mali. The Obama administration has pledged its support to the invasion and occupation of Mali where the Pentagon has maintained close ties with the national army. The U.S. propped-up, unrepresentative Malian government is actively fighting a people's government in the north that declared an independent state of Azawad.

The Globalization of NATO in Africa: From Angola and Libya to Somalia

September 2012 Interview with Heart of Africa

The globalization of NATO is affecting Africa. NATO developed from a supposedly defensive and North Atlantic organization into an predominantly offensive, aggressive and global one. NATO’s interventions in Africa historically shows that NATO has been progressively destroying Africa over the years, though mainline media would report otherwise. The re-colonization of Africa is underway through NATO and European Union expansion. Discussion with expert guest, MAHDI DARIUS NAZEMROAYA, author of “The Globalization of NATO.” Heart of Africa is broadcasted live every Wednesday night at 2000 hours Central Africa Time on It is dedicated to examining matters that affect Africa from a Pan-African Christian perspective. Read article and hear radio show audio at Global

Environmental disaster in Niger.

Nightime in Niger sees most inhabitants without light, except by candles and flashlights. Meanwhile, in their own area, millions of French homes are powered by uranium from their home towns! Open air uranium mines are destroying entire towns in Niger, while French benefit. See this eye-opening report by Greenpeace Video and article about Mali in contextand, get a French friend to help you read the local Niger truth by non-governmental organization, Aghir in'Man at .
Here is a brief English translation of a few industrial accidents at the plant,
English Facebook Page for Aghir in'Man

It's All About the Drones.

America's African Drone Wars: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

By Chris Cole, Global Research, February 16, 2013, Drone Wars UK
January 28, 2013, New York Times: U.S. Plans Base for Spy Drones in North Africa The United States military is preparing to establish a drone base in northwest Africa so that it can increase surveillance missions on the local affiliate of Al Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups that American and other Western officials say pose a growing menace to the region... If the base is approved, the most likely location for it would be in Niger, a largely desert nation on the eastern border of Mali.Read more

Hidden History: America's Secret Drone War in Africa

By David Axe, August 13, 2012
America is fighting a secretive, ongoing shadow war with special forces, robot helicopters, jet plane strikes and drones in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and now, Niger. High-tech U.S. forces inflict major damage on America's enemies (or the enemies of its corporations) at relatively low cost...and without most U.S. citizens having any idea it's even happening.

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